Since 2012, we have been dedicated to providing high quality wedding videos at affordable prices.


Our Mission

Opensail was created from passion and we carry that in everything we create. We love being able to tell stories, especially those about love. Our focus is not only on creating a great video in the now - but a video that captures the intricacies of the day, the colors, the gestures, and the laughs that are behind the scenes for generations to come.

Within one meeting, Alex seemed to capture the heart and vision of our wedding, and my husband and I have been blown away to see it reflected so precisely in our wedding video. Alex and Ben were phenomenal to work with — professional, communicative, and flexible, and committed to the creative process in shooting our wedding in a way that so accurately portrayed who we are and what we’re about. We watch and re-watch our video all the time, and truly every time we watch it it evokes deep emotion and gratitude. We are so thankful we chose Opensail — the most meaningful day of our lives is captured in a way I could not have even hoped for.
— Samantha Farris, Kalamazoo MI